Sports and Facilities

Our facilities are designed for the entertainment and leisure of the entire family. While you spend some quality time at Einstein the library, your wife may want to relax at the coffee shop, your daughter may want to check out the Queens Dome discotheque, and the little ones may spend time at the swimming pool or play carom or soccer. There's something for everyone here!

Our sporting facilities include: indoor and outdoor games, an Ayurvedic spa for rejuvenation, beauty treatment and stress relief, a modern well-equipped gymnasium, and an international swimming pool, among others.

Club Continental members staying in the Continental suites will have access to the well-equipped gymnasium and yoga facilities at Haailand, an adventure theme park that is close by. We provide the best of equipment to keep you fighting fit and in the best of health, all through the year!

2. SPA
Our traditional Spa treatment at 'AyurSukha Health Village’ - a multi-specialty AyurvedicVaidyalaya, located at Haailand, is just next door! Here you can surrender to ethnic, age old treatments. Traditional doctors, expert masseurs and wellness trainers, through an effective blend of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, offer holistic cures to rejuvenate body and mind.

AyurSukha Health Village - a multi-specialty AyurvedicVaidyalaya located just next door to Club Continental at Haailand, offers Yoga for your inner sense of well-being. Here, you will experience the ultimate peace and quiet in a Buddhist theme park, surrounded by serenity and the soulful melody of Buddhist chants.


SKATERS - Skating Rink
Let your kids enjoy the skating rink, and get some practice. Designed along international lines, this could be the place where future champions are born.

BAQ SHOT - Tennis Courts
We offer the best of sporting facilities and that includes our tennis courts with flood lights so you can play late into the evening. The best of synthetic courts, designed to perfection with international standards, allows you to take your talent for the game to new heights.

BLUE LAGOON – Swimming
An international length swimming pool is close at hand, where one can spend ample time splashing in the cool waters! The Blue Lagoon lives up to its name by giving you an atmosphere of serenity and fresh aqua energy. Enjoy the clear, clean waters, as you master the strokes! We are sure many happy times will be spent in these lush environs.

MARCO-POLO POOLS -Billiards & English Snooker Boards
Our Billiards and English Snooker Boards will entice you with its well-laid out and classy settings. Spend leisure hours with like-minded people, in your private talent pool, with people who enjoy their game and know their cues.

STRIKERS -Carrom Room
Our Carrom room called Strikers is all about peace and quiet and some introspective thinking. You are sure to enjoy this game, and spend many leisure hours with friends and family. A popular game amongst all age groups, young and old, the carrom room is usually the most popular room in any club!

The future wizards of Chess can get some practice here at Club Continental. Ideal for teaching your young ones the nuances of the game and for your own intellectual stimulation.

When you become a member of Club Continental you get complimentary entry into Haailand, the world famous Buddhist theme park. Situated just next door, Haailand has the architecture of South-east Asia and is a heady mix of culture and non-stop fun and entertainment.

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